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What you need to know about Propecia

What you need to know about Propecia

Propecia is an oral medication that is available in the form of film-coated tablets. This drug contains the main active ingredient finasteride, namely 5-alpha reductase inhibitor drugs.

This drug is generally used to treat the condition androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. Usually, this condition affects the front and middle of the head.

This drug works by blocking the production of male hormones in the body which can stop hair growth in the areas of the head mentioned above. This medicine should only be used by men and should not be used by women and children.

You can buy Propecia und potenzmittelvia online even without receipt from doctor.

How to use propecia?

There are procedures for using this drug that you must pay attention to to get the maximum benefits of using Propecia und potenzmittel, including:

  • Use this medicine according to the doctor’s prescription, including the dosage. The doctor must have given the dose according to your health condition. Do not take less or more of the dose than has been given by your doctor. Do not use this medicine for longer than the time prescribed by your doctor.
  • Take this medication by drinking a glass of water.
  • This medicine can be used before or after meals. Take this medicine at the same time each day.
  • This medicine can only work to treat your condition if you take it regularly. In fact, you may need up to three months to feel the maximum results.
  • If you stop using this medicine, you may lose hair that has grown since taking this medicine within 12 months or one year after you stop using this medicine.
  • While using this medicine, you will need to have regular blood tests.

How to store propecia?

As with the use of drugs in general, you also have to learn the procedures for storing drugs, such as the following.

  • Store this medicine in a place at room temperature.
  • Do not store it in a damp place such as in the bathroom.
  • Do not also store and freeze in the freezer.
  • Keep this medicine away from exposure to sunlight or direct light.
  • Also keep this medicine out of reach of children and pets.
  • The main active substance of this drug, namely finasteride, is also available in several brands. Other brands may have different storage procedures.

If you are no longer taking this medicine, or if the medicine has expired, you should throw this medicine away. Dispose of this medicine in a proper and environmentally safe manner.

For example, do not mix medicinal waste with ordinary household waste. In addition, do not dispose of the drug in a drain such as a toilet. You can also ask your pharmacist or an officer from your local waste disposal agency how to properly and safely dispose of your medicine.


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