Pros and Cons of having an exotic animal

Pros and Cons of having an exotic animal

Many people love to keep animals as a pet because of the benefits they can get from their pet. The benefits of keeping pets range from companionship to some other special features of the pet such as security for dogs and killing of pests for cats. However, there is the option of keeping an exotic animal as a pet.

Normally, an exotic animal is defined as an animal that is not native to a particular place. This implies that such an animal cannot be found naturally in that area but are only available when they are brought in by a zoo, other organizations or individuals. However, when it comes to pets, an exotic animal as pet includes other making pets of animals that are not commonly used as pets. An example is taking a snake as a pet. Even if that particular specie of snake can be naturally found in the wild in those areas, it still would be referred to an exotic pet. There are advantages and disadvantages to taking exotic animals as pets. The pros and cons of taking exotic animals as pets are discussed subsequently.

Pros of taking exotic animals as pets

The pros of taking exotic animals as pets are discussed below.

Having a unique pet

In most cases, having an exotic animal as a pet would mean that you are one of the very few people in that area and in the world that has that animal as a pet. This could provide you with some level of satisfaction and happiness knowing that you are doing something uncommon and not many people have the opportunity, boldness or confidence to do. It is naturally a part of human nature to attempt to surpass other people who are doing a particular thing and to be able to stand out in the crowd in whatever we do. People will always be wowed when they are informed about an individual who has a snake, lion, tiger or hyena as a pet. However, it is regarded as normal and no news to hear that an individual has 50 dogs or 100 cats as a pet, let alone when they have just a few. If you wish to get a snake or other reptiles as a pet, you can visit Northampton Reptile Centre to see what type of exotic animals you can get as well as if you can get your reptile supplies from them.

Could be a centre of attraction

Having an exotic animal as a pet could make your home or any place you keep the animals a centre of attraction. The implication is that if you so desire, you can open up your house for people to visit to see your pet. This would attract many people who would want to come around to see for themselves if you have an exotic animal as a pet, the type of animal, the size of the animal and probably inquire how you can manage and sustain the animal.


It is possible to monetize having an exotic animal as a pet. As already mentioned, people will be drawn to see the animals. This is part of why people visit zoos: To see exotic animals and other animals they would not normally see around them. If zoos only keep cats and dogs, especially those common in the area the zoo is located, nobody would bother going to the zoo as they know they can always see those animals around them. Hence, having an exotic pet, depending on the type of exotic pet would draw people from far and near, many of whom would be willing to pay to see your animal. It could become a cool source of income, especially if you can get more money from those visiting than you are using to sustain the pet.

Cons of keeping exotic animals as pets

There are also some cons of keeping exotic animals as pets. The cons are discussed below.

Keeping the animal alive

Animals fare better when they are allowed to remain in their natural location and habitation. Most non-exotic pets are already used to living with people, hence, there is little to no issue with them getting ill or dying because they are not in their natural location. This will not be the case with an exotic animal that was captured from the wild or that their natural habitation is meant to be in the jungle. They could fall ill or die as a result of confinement. It might also be difficult getting their supplies as most pet shops might not have their supplies, since they are not a common animal in that area or their supplies are not commonly demanded. However, you can always read pet shops’ reviews to know the pet shop that sells the right supplies for your exotic pet. There is also the fact that they could be too expensive to maintain or most veterinary doctors in your area might not know much about the animal, let alone having enough knowledge to take care of them.

They could be dangerous

Some individuals love adventures and other risky ventures. The implication is that they want to tame wild animals such as snakes, crocodiles, and lions among others; without tampering with the dangerous aspect of those animals. There is also the fact that while it is easy to make some animals less dangerous like removing the poison gland of snakes, it is not that easy to make a lion or crocodile less dangerous. Many people have lost their lives or got seriously injured because they kept dangerous animals as pets.

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